Born into a world of play

music and magic

Erin has always had a special way

of lighting up the room

and even the day.

Playing with faeries in the park during the day...

listening to her dad play guitar in the hallway.

Into  the night joyful dreams of creativity, love and light.  

She never had a problem saying hi or being shy

she only had a mystical vibe.  


There was a day that judgement became a part of the game

in which she had not a clue of how to play this do!  

Not understanding the fate

of taking all the hate

she thought everyone had a heart with love at stake!  


As love was deep inside she saw this in every light…

pushing to ignite but not without a fight...   


Confusion in this illusion she just saw more delusion…


Shamed became her game

deep inside the frame

of being lame.

Taking the pain

as mine to fight.

Bringing it home to create more dates for hate…


Confusion in this illusion she just saw more delusion…


Run to find the pun and create fun!!  

But that was the biggest wall of all…

fate of hate stays the game

until the heart chooses not to be tart

find the love darts

without judgement just a simple acknowledgement to start.  


The heart is where she always felt the part

but without a doubt she got shot down

Not an ounce of fluid left in her fire she began to dwindle with no kindle…


Confusion in this illusion she just saw more delusion…


Hospital notes telling jokes and calling her a hoax …

Defeat looked like the beat...

For 7 years had pain screamed without a gain

Records show no abnormal grows



Crooked Lady...

Cops called it's all a pitfall

Drug seeking you have got to be kidding…


Confusion in this illusion she just saw more delusion…


Magic in the making

Maui sand creates the land for so she could stand

Mend and see her own bend.


Faeries singing

Numbers ringing

Lessons bringing

Insight only the choice to unite could light.


Now she spends her days in plays acting out the day we all say YAY there was never a reason to lay and pray to end the day.


Touching hearts to see their own sparks in the mission and vision!

Only one less day of pain you say!  

Well then Erin got her way!!

For her only pray is that we all have just one more day of play!


Let's play!  Pick a project and lets dance!  

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