"How Erin Changed my Life in Ten Minutes..."

Erin is the kind of person who looks at you, takes your hand, and then you just feel naked, slightly uncomfortable and filled with a kind of universal love at the same time. A weird moment for me. I was not used to feeling like that.

Here I was, thinking I had covered all my faults, my resentments, my flaws of character and setting a new course in my life. Not so. It only took Erin ten minutes or so to see what my REAL problem was, and it hit me so hard and so accurate that I was totally set back.

She told me the truth, no filter, and that was painful, but I so needed it to get further….

I never saw her again, but I took her advice and focused on my self love after that.

So thank you, Erin. For that moment. For that connection, for that grounding that I needed so much without even knowing it. It was a  moment where the saying

«When the student is ready, the teacher appears» really showed itself to be true.

Much love, from the other side of the world.




“With my one session with Erin I was able to release most of my 'inadequate' feelings”

I was amazed on how helpful my single session with Erin was. I had some anxiety and a lot of stress about work. Quite frankly, I had this horrible feeling of being inadequate at my job and kinda with "life" in general.  I was losing sleep and avoiding seeing friends and family over it.

For the past few weeks, I had been seeing a therapist about this crappy feeling that I couldn't rid myself of.   With my therapist  had spent several weeks and few hundred dollars with little progress.   

However, with my one session with Erin I was able to release most of my "inadequate" feelings.  Erin had taught me a technique in the session that I was able to do with myself . Hands down the best the best way to rid yourself of those crappy feelings that are holding you back. Thank you so much Erin, you rock my socks!

Alexis Schafer

San Diego, CA


"Keep walking sister, I am here to hold your hand"

"I met Erin in 2015, I have no words to describe her growth path the last 3 years. Erin is a determined and passionate super - change maker who really impacts our society. Keep walking sister, I am here to hold your hand"


Founder & CEO MeXOXO



"It was just the Push I Needed..."

Erin is AMAZING!! I happened to meet Erin not too long ago, and I am going to be forever thankful I did. Without having had divulged much information to her about my life, she was able to intuitively identify KEY problems I had with my life. Ongoing problems which I've been aware of myself but had not even mentioned to her AT ALL.

After hearing what I needed to hear from her, it was just the push I needed to clear my life of an addiction I was struggling with.

After that, it has been a snowball effect of improvement in my life. Erin helped me purely out of the kindness of her heart, and not for the expectation of something in return from me.

She is AWESOME and I can never thank her enough. This is a honest opinion that I have of her and hope others can meet Erin and be helped just as I was!

She brought magic into my life! :)))

Gabe Curiel

Software Engineer