My projects are here to seed love and joy into the hearts of all.

I am busy as a bee creating life changing experiences, products, and philosophies that bring love and transformation to young and old alike. All sprinkled with pixie dust of course.

The Faery Shoppe

Where a little sparkle brings a smile to your face and a twinkle in your heart!

Home of the 

'Real Pixie Dust'

A Faery Collective of Crafts, Tools, Supplies and Workshoppes that Create Fun, Play and Sparkle!


Youth inspired

A creative platform to guide, ignite and support youth to excel in their individual passions.

We host a creative showcase with a contest supported, guided and judged by Celebrities, Global Leaders and Changemakers of the world.  We do this for youth across the world in schools and youth programs that give them access to creating their personal passion, inspirations and dreams.

The youth and parents are also supported in our Guide Team with the celebrities and leaders to insure their individual success, support and all around loving place to feel safe.

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The inner beauty salon

Beauty comes from the inside out - and at my Salon in University Heights, I live by that credo. After 17 years in the beauty industry, I deliver a salon experience that helps you fall in love with you.

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Blindsight is an adventure from the start and will shift your mind in so many ways!  As Erin has always seen color in a flowing and ever shifting possibility of change and motion the Blindsight project is an immersive and intelergetic blend of possibility!  Mikal's words and Erin's color create an explosion of ideas and creation that has the Earth spinning with a twist! 

Let's Dive In Together! 

Blindsight is always ready when you are! 

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Poetry Blog Channeled with Love from Universal All Knowing and Sparkled with Pixie Dust.

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Erin Nicole Art

The only thing that matters is what is seen and believed inside of us, no matter what is said outside of that.  

Self taught art is a gem and a rare specialty ErinNicole owns with grace and spice!  Always with a sparkle in her step and bright colors at her brush tip she has a lifetime of creativity and youth like energy.  

ErinNicoleArt is her personal journey in creativity.  Enjoy her art in your home or have a beautiful energetic painting designed just for you!

A journey in creation, art and heart has brought Erin into an eclectic sparkly world of play!

It’s always the RIGHT time. ~ ErinNicole

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